Egyptian deserts and an ancient Goddess reborn.   The fifth painting in my 'Empowered Feminine Zodiac' series is based on Leo the Lion whose realm is the heat of August and  the Heart.  Leos are known for leadership qualities and tend to be enthusiastic and not easily daunted.   … read more.

Painting my way South of the Border~~~    To the land of the ancient Aztecs and their Moon Goddess/Mother Goddess Xochiquetzal for whom a giant pyramid is erected in Teotihuacan .  Xochiquetzal (dubbed 'Madam X) is also mother to the famous Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent God.  … read more.

Stepping into the mystic circle...    When I first enrolled at Cornish College of the Arts in the early '80s I had no idea who Charles Stokes was, but as soon as I stepped into his anatomy class I was utterly enthralled by his vitality and brilliance.  He was at once irreverent and pulsing… read more.

Follow the Rainbow !!!    I just had my new 'Gemini' painting photographed, translated to a disk (oh modern wonders), and now have it available for sale as prints, giclees or stretched canvas from FineArtAmerica!!! (Click the link to view or purchase Gemini Goddesses of the Rainbow.) … read more.

Still the cherry blossoms in the midst of destruction~~~      Just as I was preparing to embark on the next painting (Taurus) in my Zodiac series, a massive earthquake hit Japan followed by a 23 foot tsunami on March 11th 2011.  It was incomprehensible.  The ensuing video… read more.

Creating paintings that empower women     Once upon an idea ago while staring at the ceiling and awaiting sleep I had an inspiration descend upon me and settle in my psyche inviting me into a journey with no map.  It had to do with creating a feminine-based series of astrology paintings,… read more.